Geolake helps you locate your data around the world.

Our API is simple to integrate in a wide range of products and makes it easy to accurately translate a written address to a location on the globe.

IP Address Geocoding

Use our API to determine the approximate location of an IP Address.

Address Geocoding

Our API will in most cases (in the US and Canada) return the exact location of a provided address. This includes advanced typo correction.

ZIP+4 support

Coming soon Save on your USPS physical mail costs by leveraging our service to look up the ZIP+4

Flexible performance

We offer a wide range of performance levels, tailored to suit the needs of various businesses. Need a different plan? Contact us.

Reverse geocoding

Coming soon Use our API to determine the address that best describes a latitude/longitude pair.

Internationalisation support

Our API returns additional information such as the time zone, TLD of the country (i.e. .ca for Canada) and currency used in the location.

Rooftop accuracy

We offer rooftop accuracy for most of the USA and Canada.

City-level accuracy

In addition to the more accurate results in the USA and Canada, we offer worldwide city-level accuracy.

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