CSV Upload

Upload a CSV file with address data, specify the column mapping and geocode the contents.

Does the file have a header row?
Escape logic:


  • One line per object you want to geocode
  • Download a sample CSV file to get an idea what the CSV file could look like
  • The column order is not important, you will be asked to map each column to a data type
  • Use any combination of columns that you have. More specific columns are better.
    • Address line (street name, optionally also house number + sub number / apartment number)
    • Street name (without house number)
    • House number
    • Subnumber (the apartment number, suite number, etc)
    • Zipcode / postal code
    • City
    • State
    • Country code or name
    • IP Address
    • Phone number, in any format. If no country is specified and the number is not from the US, please use the E.164 format
  • Uploads are allowed to contain columns that are irrelevant
  • Embedded line breaks are not supported (line breaks inside values)
  • All CSV uploads will automatically be removed after 30 days